Chateaux in Eure

Eure is a department in Normandy, close to the Channel it has proved a strategic place for castles and strongholds in times gone by and there are over 30 Eure Chateaux ranging from ruins to majestic stately homes. Visit the ruins of Chateau Gaillard, a fortified castle built for Richard the Lionheart in the 12th Century. Discover the fascinating history of the site and enjoy the magnificent views from the castle's vantage point looking down over the Seine valley. Also worth a look are Chateau de Beaumesnil, a beautiful baroque style building surrounded by a moat, and Chateau de Gisors, a fortress of the Dukes of Normandy that was used to protect the region from the King of France in the 11th and 12th centuries. And you can explore it all from your very own chateau rental!

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