Cottages in Morbihan

Cottages in the Gulf of Morbihan are ideal for a seaside break. The area is rich in seafaring traditions and everything from festivals to food centres on the sea.

There are around 42 islands off the Morbihan coast, many are privately owned but some can be visited by boat. The largest two; Ile aux Moines and Ile d'Arz are perfect for a day enjoying the unspoilt natural environment, taking coastal walks and swimming in the many sheltered creeks and coves.

Renting a cottage here also gives you the chance to explore the many sites of ancient historical importance in the region. The island of Gavrinis has an incredible pyramid shaped burial chamber made in intricately carved stone that dates from Neolithic times and is well worth a visit. Locmariaquer is another local megalithic site with vast ancient stones and burial sites to see.

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