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Mel Dare
Mel Dare 5/5 in the last week

Good easy site to use with many different filters for your specific tastes. Used before and again for this year's holiday. Great savings on the ferry crossing which really helps Trustworthy site.

Debbie Mc
Debbie Mc 3/5 5 months ago

Easy to use although advertisers should have to follow a standard with regard to what exactly they are providing. Some are very informative others you have to go back & forth asking questions. Can be frustrating

Julie Mason
Julie Mason 5/5 a year ago

Working in partnership with Holiday France Direct to let our property RA004959 is always a pleasure. Great company to deal with and lovely guests too. Highly recommend using them to book your holiday.

Shu Milne
Shu Milne 5/5 a year ago

We can't praise Holiday France Direct highly enough, their service is fantastic, it's consistently professional, helpful and friendly. They are very active on all social media platforms and always re-tweet and like our own tweets so that helps us be seen by a wider audience. They have also sent us the most wonderful guests so if I could give them 10 stars out of 5 I would!

I Macca
I Macca 5/5 a year ago

We advertise with Holiday France Direct and several other companies. Holiday France Direct simply walks away with First Place - for the last seven years we have advertised we have received a regular flow of guests - all of which have been good. The advert itself allows you generous space for info on the property and ample photos. If we ever have a query the staff are extremely pleasant to deal with and any query is dealt with immediately. For an extremely reasonable advertising price we also get a generous discount on one return crossing plus a 20% discount for our guests which has proved to be a big incentive. You have complete control of all correspondence, arrangements and payments with your guests - their e-mail address is available at the onset.


We have just launched our new gite business and chose HFD as our first letting service. When setting up ur listing we found the helpdesk really friendly and helpful. Moreover, within the first 10 days, we received 4 bookings equating to 5 weeks. As we are based in South West France wasn't sure if HFD would be for us and so set up with Quickbook, but now with the way bookings are going am thinking about going to an annual fixed fee. HFD is a super company to partner with and I am absolutely delighted with our initial results.

V. Howard - AD006415

I have been a customer of Holiday France Direct for 14 years (including the time with their previous title), advertising my holiday property, on the Breton coast. I have always been impressed with their pleasant manner and efficiency. I have had occasion to ask for assistance on a number of occasions and am very grateful for their professionalism, helpful response and patience! In particular they managed the transition from a paper-based organisation to a very attractive, effective web-site based system.

The company provides a cost effective successful way to advertise French holiday property.

Thank you Holiday France Direct, keep up the good work!

Alan Jackson - BI001748

I am just updating my calendar on the various sites we are listed on. Yours is BY FAR the easiest to navigate and simplest to do. Thank you. Thank you Thank you!!

Angela Scrase advertisers of NC002952

The team is always happy to help with any concerns , or changes that may be taking place to our advert or pricing or even questions that our guests may need answering. The booking page and calendar are easy to use ( even for me as I am not really computer literate).

Vicky and Sam Elliot advertisers of BM005177

It is fantastic that the guests have direct access to us and us to them via an email or telephone number through their enquiry. This is so important that we communicate with each other and ensure that we are offering the requirements of that guest and discuss any particular special needs or disabilities.

Not every guest likes to use email and computers and we are very happy to call and discuss exactly what they are looking for with our accommodation and facilities.

Guests are very happy that we make contact as they feel re assured by using Holiday France and also having a call back from us.

There are no hidden costs for extra insurances etc, which the guests really appreciate , as most are already budgeting out their finances without extra costs.

Vicky and Sam Elliot advertisers of BM005177

The last guests have now departed and the property has been sold. The new owners will not be continuing with holiday lettings.

I would like to add that it has been a real pleasure working with HFD. It’s not often nowadays that one can call a customer support line and speak to real people. In particular, the team at HFD are so friendly and very responsive to suggestions and/or solving issues with bookings.

Towards the end of my gite lettings I was receiving a lot more enquiries from you and I could probably have filled summer 2018. It really is a very good holiday site and one that I will recommend to friends here who have holiday lets.

Thank you so much for all of your assistance,

Clive Allman

I have been in the travel/travel related industry for more than 30 years. I originally had to advertise via the press as the Internet had not yet seen the light of day. I advertised with all the giants of the press as well as many of the smaller fry. Since the arrival of the Internet I have also tried some of the [today's] giants as well as smaller but well known sites.

In all of my experience I have to say that your site, your professionalism, your courtesy, your thinking ahead etc. etc. etc. rate far and away the highest and best service available on today's market.

The 'giants' should watch you closely - they could learn a lot from you!

Dawn Clarke

Just a note to say how pleased I am that I changed direction with advertising my property. This year is proving to be more improved against 2015. And my new clients also expressed how easy it is to book using HolidayFranceDirect. Thanks.

Carol Whiteway advertiser of AT004952 - 31 January 2017

We are now in the 2nd year of offering the gite at Villa Magnieu for family holidays. Since starting in 2016 we have listed with 2 of the largest on-line holiday rentals companies. We started looking for a new way to promote our gite at the beginning of this year following another commission rate increase and a booking fee for holidays makers was added. I was also disappointed by the increasingly "big corporation" feel.

I searched Google for "Dordogne self catering holidays" & Holiday France Direct was at the top of the list. Since listing with Holidays France Direct I have only been impressed. Listing are easy to create & update, friendly & knowledgeable help is always available if needed & rates are reasonable. This is how I hoped holiday listings services would be when we 1st hit on the idea of running a gite. Would I recommend HFD to holiday makers & to those thinking about listing their gite - Absolutely!

David Kent advertiser of AD005310 - 15 February 2017

Lovely to have an easy to use website and prompt attention to my owner's queries.

Hilary Casey advertiser of ML005069 - 16 November 2016

Thank you Liz and the rest of the team for being so helpful this year. We are over the moon with the guests we've had to stay this year and we already have 4 lots booked again for next year. We couldn't be happier with the amazing service from Holiday France Direct and Brittany Ferries.

Shu Milne advertiser of NC003870 and NC004010 - 2 November 2016

Loving the new website, very smooth and clean to use. Very helpful to have the map to search for properties.

Sarah Bishop advertiser of BN002708 - 1 November 2016

Holiday France Direct have given us great service this year for our Mantilly Cottage advert. We have had numerous bookings and enquiries through them. The QuickBook fees are lower compared to other companies also. We have just purchased a second property, Husson Gite, which we have just started advertising with them because we have been so pleased with them. Thanks for all your help Holiday France Direct.

Sally and Chris Sweeten advertisers of RA005017 - 31 October 2016

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Laura and the others at Brittany Ferries/Holiday France Direct as you are real people and seem to care about your advertisers, unlike the other other sites we have to advertise with such as Owners Direct and Home Away.

Bill Buttling advertiser of PC003567 - 20 October 2016

We have advertised our properties at Manoir La Betoulle with Holiday France Direct for 14 years and are about to renew for another 2 yrs. A high proportion of our regular guests find us via the site - many have been returning annually for 10+ years as they like our flexibility on pricing for regulars and for couples only.

John and Penny Hitchings advertisers of PC001095 - 14 October 2016

Over the last 14 years we have found the team at Holiday France Direct to always be helpful and prompt in resolving any issues we have had and Holiday France Direct is by far and away the best site for us for enquiries and bookings. The site is easy to use for both guest and host, well organised and with the personal touch that other sites no longer offer.

John and Penny Hitchings advertisers of PC001095 - 14 October 2016

I have found the support of your website invaluable. As a property owner I have found this site to represent my property well, and any problems that I have encountered have been smoothed out efficiently by the Holiday France staff.

Lois Carrington advertiser of AD004537 - 14 October 2016

Just a great service from the team who respond quickly and totally efficiently to situations that I couldn't sort out on my own. I have so much confidence in their excellent customer service that I recommended to a client that they telephone direct as I was sure our problem would be resolved quickly that way. Sure enough Leonie was brilliant and everything was sorted without any fuss. A true star!

Jane Cole advertiser of VI002559 - 14 October 2016

So far we have been pleased with Holiday France Direct which we've used for the first time this year and everything has worked well. We've received enquiries and bookings and we like the text alerts you send out as well as the emails as we only pick up our emails when we have wifi connection.

Margaret Fox advertiser of UH004639 - 13 October 2016

As a property owner I have found your website easy and clear to navigate. The little touches like sending us some prize draw postcards for guests are a nice extra.

Margaret Fox advertiser of UH004671 - 13 October 2016

The reason I have come back to Holiday France Direct is because I have recently cancelled an advert with another company as their customer service was seriously lacking and their sole and only aim seemed to be to make as much money out of advertisers as possible. The care and service I have received from Holiday France Direct is therefore very refreshing and welcome!

BM003534 - 13 February 2014

We have advertised with Holiday France Direct for some years now with considerable success each year. The website is easy to access for property owners and allows space for you to describe the best features of your property and the surrounding area. People looking to rent the properties can access a series of filters to make their search easier.

AL002355 - 14 May 2013

With us offering the 20% off Brittany Ferries on our website, we saw 95% of our clients drive across, also a great improvement on last year and already we have bookings for 2012. We have now dropped other major hosting sites due to the fact we didn't get any business from them, except a load of scams.

AP002781 - 4 October 2011

We have advertised for many years with Holiday France Direct and are quite happy with the amount of enquiries and bookings we receive.

ML002068 - 14 May 2013

We have used Holiday France Direct since they set up in 1996 and have found the staff and the user-friendly website invaluable in renting out our property.

BN000923 - 14 May 2013

The bonus for us of course is the ability to offer clients a discount on their crossing to France with Brittany Ferries which in this time of economic difficulties is of great value.

LV003018 - 14 May 2013

All the Holiday France Direct team are always very friendly and helpful and make one feel as if they know you.

LV001055 - 9 April 2013

Personnel at HFD are invariably helpful and easy to deal with and all my clients enjoy taking advantage of the 20% reduction on Brittany Ferries fares when booking.

BI001956 - 10 April 2013

We have advertised with Holiday France Direct for several years and our experience with the company has been exceptional and professional at all times. We book several weeks during the season as a direct result from our advertisement and the 20% discount offer we can give our guests off car and passenger fares with Brittany Ferries is a huge promotional boost that guests find hard to resist. We would recommend anyone thinking about advertising, 'try Holiday France Direct.'

BM002773 - 9 April 2013

We are now almost fully booked for 2013 with only 1 week in July left and 3 unlettable weeks in April. Most of our lets have come through the Holiday France Direct website. We have only one booking from other adverts. We do have a number of people who are coming back for the 2nd and 3rd time who came to us through the Holiday France Direct website in the first place.

LV002210 - 9 April 2013

I have recommended a number of other people to your advertising and I know they have had the same success as us. Next year, your website will be the only advertising we shall do because it does the job.

LV002210 - 9 April 2013

We can recommend the Holiday France Direct website and will continue to use it in the future. We have tried others including our own site but Holiday France Direct is by far the best for quality, and number of enquiries and bookings.

PS002349 - 14 May 2013

Holiday France Direct is very good value for money and the added bonus of the ferry discount is very good for our customers.

BM001669 - 16 April 2013

During our first year, we anticipated getting 10 weeks or so rental. We were astonished to exceed this target within the first month of advertising with Holiday France Direct. The enquiries continued throughout the season and with the help of HFD staff we tailored our web advertising with special offers in order to target the gaps. This strategy proved successful and we ended the season with more than 20 weeks rental!

BN002643 - 21 December 2012

The friendliness and efficiency of the staff has been exceptional and telephone calls are answered without delay.

BF002861 - 29 January 2014

Not only has Holiday France Direct provided excellent guidance in setting up my web information but also they are constantly providing all their clients with new ideas to freshen up their advert pages, both to attract more visitors and to provide those visitors with just the sort of information that they will find most useful before making a booking.

AD002609 - 14 May 2013

I am regularly asked to join other advertising sites but have no intention of changing as I receive such good service and high number of bookings with Holiday France Direct.

BI001956 - 10 April 2013

We would like to mention the fact that whatever it is you are doing with your website it is working well. We have been with your advertising site for 14 years from our outset and this last season has produced more bookings through you than ever before.

NM000936 - 30 September 2014

The success of our advertising with Holiday France Direct has continued with 24 weeks booked during the 2011 season and an astonishing 29 weeks in 2012. This year, we have already booked 25 weeks, the cottage being almost fully booked between the end of March to mid-October. It is not just our 'opinion' therefore that advertising with HFD is effective, it is proved by the success that we have enjoyed over the past few years.

BN002643 - 9 April 2013

We have used Holiday France Direct to advertise our gite for the past 5 years. We have always received friendly and professional service, there have never been any difficulties with the website and our guests are always grateful for the additional discount they receive on their ferry bookings. We have remained faithful to Holiday France Direct, despite the approaches from competitors, because of the warnings HFD have given us about possible bogus enquiries - although this has only happened twice. We have no hesitation in recommending Holiday France Direct to prospective advertisers.

BM002275 - 9 April 2013

Many of our favourite guests found us through the Holiday France Direct website and have become good friends, some of them booking for the following year before leaving! They appreciate the discounted ferry tariffs and think that the company offers good information and facilities. I suspect that many of them like to know that they can deal with the owner of their holiday property rather than with a faceless travel agency with little local knowledge.

NM000708 - 10 April 2013

We have had no hesitation in renewing our web and brochure advertising with Holiday France Direct in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The added bonuses for our continued loyalty, for example, the return ferry crossing for £75, was the 'icing on the cake.'

BN002643 - 9 April 2013

I just wanted to say how delighted we have been with the service and helpful manner of everyone at Holiday France Direct ... We have had good response to your advertisement, in fact even more this year and now, in March, we are nearly fully booked. We, and our guests, have enjoyed the benefit of the 20% discount on Brittany Ferries.

BF002572 - 9 March 2011

We have had 6 enquiries through you this year already for next season and have taken a block booking for August already.

NM000936 - 30 September 2014

The easy to use website with up to date availability chart, photographs of the properties and immediate availability of the ferry makes booking a holiday an enjoyable experience.

BN000923 - 14 May 2013

I've advertised with Holiday France Direct for a number of years and have been delighted with the quality and number of bookings. The system is flexible and easy to use.

NM000708 - 10 April 2013

I have been advertising my property in France with Holiday France Direct for about ten years. They have always been efficient, friendly and very helpful and I have had many, many weeks filled through them each year.

AD001059 - 14 May 2013

This is my 7th year with HFD and clients that come once almost always return! Some have been coming for 6 years now and usually rebook within weeks of returning home!

BI001956 - 10 April 2013

At the turn of 1999, we moved to the Dordogne and converted an ancient farmhouse into our home and several gites. The undisputedly obvious choice for advertising our new enterprise was of course dear old Brittany Ferries with their comfortable crossings, reliable reservations and admirable administration. We have progressed from a brochure-based business to virtually everything on line with Brittany Ferries' holiday site, Holiday France Direct. We never fail to get enquiries from the site and, should I ever have a query, these are handled with friendly, efficient speed by staff who seem to remember me. Sail on Holiday France Direct!

AD001624 - 14 May 2013

The discounted ferry fares are very attractive to people going out to the property and we have always appreciated the one off concessionary fare as part of the (paid) advertising. If help is needed at any time, the staff at the head office have always been very knowledgeable, efficient and pleasant in dealing with our enquiries.

AL002355 - 14 May 2013

We have advertised with Holiday France Direct for a number of years and apart from our own website we only advertise with them.

BM001669 - 16 April 2013

I use only Holiday France Direct to advertise my property. You have always been able to attract the right guests. Whenever I need assistance with modifying my advert or I have any questions, you unfailingly reply and assist within 24 hours, generally much quicker. The owners page is a fund of information. I know who has made enquiries and how many people have visited the site. Overall I am delighted with the service of Holiday France Direct.

LV002784 - 14 May 2013

Thank you Holiday France Direct for another very successful season. It is so easy to update the information and availability. I think this gives confidence to both the owner and the holiday maker. We shall certainly continue to advertise with you again next year.

AT002305 - 14 May 2013

We've been really impressed with the Holiday France Direct website, both the website itself and your ongoing support and marketing ideas - and of course, the people who've booked. Many thanks!

BF002871 - 18 January 2012

We are delighted to recommend Holiday France Direct to property owners. We have used their services over very many years and always found HFD easy to work with, interested in our success and supportive of our goals. It is important to gain rentals for a property but also to have the right kind of guest, those who will be respectful of both the rental terms and the property itself. We have had only the most delightful people via HFD and look forward to continuing our association with them in the future.

HH000916 - 14 May 2013

During the first year of advertising with Holiday France Direct, we anticipated getting 10 weeks or so rental. We were astonished to exceed this target within the first month of advertising with Holiday France Direct. The enquiries continued throughout the season and with the help and advice of HFD staff we 'tailored' our web advertising with special offers in order to target the gaps in our vacancy calendar. This strategy proved very successful and we ended the season with more than 20 weeks rental!

BN002643 - 9 April 2013

I would like to let you know that Holiday France Direct enquiries have out performed most of the major opposition in the past 2x seasons for us & my colleagues around France.

MT002148 - 22 July 2014

Holiday France Direct and Brittany Ferries are in our opinion the leaders in quality and service. Making the booking, travelling and finding that memorable holiday spot turn from dream to reality.

BN000923 - 14 May 2013

I like to arrange my own bookings and enjoy getting to know my visitors during the booking process. The close relationship between Holiday France Direct and Brittany Ferries gives owners a good selling point by offering a good travel discount. Visitors feel the benefit of a wraparound service from departure to return. I would not hesitate to recommend any owner who is willing to handle their own bookings to advertise with Holiday France Direct.

BM001025 - 14 May 2013

We must offer our appreciation for the friendliness and approachability of the staff. It is also impressive how easy and quick making amendments to our web advert has proved to be.

BN002643 - 9 April 2013

We started renting our cottage in 2010. We considered all the options and the experiences of other people before deciding on advertising through Holiday France Direct. We were immediately impressed with the professionalism, advice and assistance provided by the staff of the company and in a matter of days, following the publication of our web page, enquiries started to come in 'thick and fast.' The process was helped enormously by the 'alerts' that we received on our mobile phone enabling us to respond to enquiries straightaway and wherever we happened to be.

BN002643 - 9 April 2013

Even through times of recession, we still have the security of Holiday France Direct's website and wonderful staff to rely on.

BN000923 - 14 May 2013

It is now my 11th year advertising with Holiday France Direct and I have enjoyed good booking levels each year. Staff at HFD have been very helpful to a novice owner and patient with my early lack of IT knowledge.

BM001025 - 14 May 2013

We have been with another UK website for the last 6 years and to be honest the service they gave has gradually detoriated over the last 2 years. A friend recommended the Holiday France Direct website and we have found it both very efficient and successful for us in terms of the number of bookings received and the ease of managing our bookings. I would be happy to recommend the site for anyone considering changing sites.

LV003018 - 14 May 2013

The 20% discount on Brittany Ferries which we are able to offer our visitors is a major bonus but the benefits extend far beyond this - I am particularly grateful for the incredible support that I have received from the marketing team at Holiday France Direct who have recommended sales tactics and even found ways to mention Le Nid in other media. In my experience, anyone with a holiday property to let in France should not delay in signing up with Holiday France Direct.

BN003036 - 14 May 2013

I registered my holiday house in Jugon-les-Lacs with Holiday France Direct after an onboard sales presentation on Brittany Ferries. I am thrilled with the response I have had to my Holiday France Direct advert. This summer will be my first season in the holiday rentals business and Le Nid was almost completely booked up by the end of February.

BN003036 - 14 May 2013

It would seem that Holiday France Direct is the main place to search for people looking for holidays in France and we have found them to be invaluable and with the majority of our bookings arising from our advert we would not think of changing at all.

BM001669 - 16 April 2013

I think the thing that appeals to our clients most is the reduction on Brittany Ferries as most of them travel at the height of the season so every little bit helps and of course we like having the reduction too and the £75 crossing.

LV001055 - 9 April 2013

I own a small gite near Bergerac in the Dordogne and have been advertising my property on line with Holiday France Direct ever since my ancient barn was converted over six years ago. Throughout that period my gite has been full of visitors who initially contacted Holiday France Direct and whose requests for information were forwarded to me immediately.

AD002609 - 14 May 2013

All in all we are very pleased and grateful to Holiday France Direct.

BF002861 - 29 January 2014

Holiday France Direct has provided us with an excellent service over a good many years. They are always one step ahead of their main rivals with innovative advertising ideas, good advice and support, rapid response time, additional services and ease of use of the property advertisers' section of their website.

PM000612 - 14 May 2013

We thank you for your service that we have found to be excellent. The QuickBook system is fair and works well for both client and owner.

RA003412 - 3 October 2014

We have been absolutely delighted with the response to our Holiday France Direct advert both in the number of enquiries and bookings and the type of guests we've attracted.

BF002871 - 14 May 2013

Interestingly, I have been telephoned by several rival holiday travel providers who have sought to entice me away from Brittany Ferries' Holiday France Direct service but I have been pleased to tell all such cold callers that I am extremely happy with the excellent service provided by Holiday France Direct and have no desire to change to their companies!

AD002609 - 14 May 2013

We have had a good response to our advert with Holiday France Direct and, bearing in mind that we did not start with you until quite late in the season, we are pleased to have received firm bookings for five weeks as a direct result of links to your website. Some weeks we could have let the property twice or more.

LV003727 - 22 July 2014

Holiday France Direct have served me, an advertiser, and my guests with the utmost care for the last 10 years - in conjuction with Brittany Ferries making our guests' holiday experience an enjoyable process from the first time they click on the advert to us meeting them on their arrival.

BN000923 - 14 May 2013

Advertising with Holiday France Direct has been extremely successful this year.

VI003422 - 28 July 2014

Being able to offer potential guests 20% off their ferry crossings has helped win business for us and we recouped our advertising spend in the first two months! So if you're looking for a website that's really worth advertising on - then this is it!

BF002871 - 14 May 2013

Our customers say