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Tarn et Garonne has many prune making establishments and wine producers, where local wines can be tasted. Of course there's also a range of the traditional dishes that are available through the Midi Pyrenees, duck and goose dishes, and cassoulet (a warming bean stew including pork, bacon or goose confit).

All through the year and especially during the summer months, there are many markets that take place in Tarn et Garonne. These can be general markets, produce markets, local food markets, farmers markets and even flowers, clothing and household good markets. With this wide range of markets there will be something for everyone to discover. These take place throughout the many villages in the area, such as Montauban, Caylus, Castelsarrasin and Valence d'Agen. Special markets for duck, goose and foie gras take place during November until March.

Tarn et Garonne is one of France's biggest producers of fruit and they have a wide variety of cereals grown in the area, along with a lot of livestock. The variety of produce in this region is extensive and ranges from apples, prunes, peaches, nectarines, cherries, melons, plums, grapes and kiwis. The grapes of Chasselas de Moissac are the first fresh fruit to be awarded the AOC designation. They have an extremely sweet taste due to their high sugar content and they have a distinctive golden colour. The grapes are only grown in and around the area of Moissac, harvested by hand. Growing melons in Tarn et Garonne has become very popular due to the long hours of sunshine and the limestone/clay soil. Be sure to visit the local markets throughout the summer, where melons harvested that morning can be bought to eat.

Another produce from Tarn et Garonne is garlic, especially l'ail de Lomagne (white garlic) and black truffles. Garlic is seen as the essential seasoning in Southern France and provides a sensation of happiness and peace. Cheese called Cabecou d'Antan that is less well known to tourists, is produced in this department and is just as tasty. This cheese is small, round and has a very creamy texture. Its aged for around 2 weeks and has a hint of hazlenut. The typical dishes of duck and goose, pates, terrines, cassoulet, snails and fish are also part of the abundance of cuisine within this area.

Tarn et Garonne is dotted with vineyards that produce a variety of different wines ready for visitors to come and try. The less well known Cotes du Frontonnais wines are produced  around the area of Montauban, which are made from the rare Negrette grape. These wines have subtle hints of red fruits, violet and liquorice. Another wine, Coteaus du Quercy is made from the Cabernet Franc grape with hints of red fruit and pepper and is produced in Quercy. Vineyards located in Montauban grow a variety of grapes such as Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon, Tannat, Gamay, Syrah, Jurancon and Merlot and therefore many wines can be produced here. Tourists should visit the vineyard of Saint-Sardo just 30km from Montauban to explore the variety of grapes and wines.

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