Alsace-Lorraine Cuisine and Wine

Did you know that Alsace Lorraine is one of the biggest producers of alcoholic drinks in France? Alsace is famous for its excellent red, white and rosé wines which are named after the unique variety of grape they are made from. They are fruity dry wines which go perfectly with fish and cheese.

Where Alsace specialises in wine, Lorraine is the biggest producer of French beer and is responsible for more than 60 percent of the annual production. Take some time to visit the micro-breweries of Lorraine and savour the beer they produce.

The Flammekueche is a pizza-like dish, made with crème fraîche, onion and bacon lardons. The dish is a testimony of the region’s German heritage and is, along with Choucroute Garnie and Quiche Lorraine, the most famous dish of Alsace-Lorraine. Quiche Lorraine is made from cream, eggs and bacon lardons. It’s usually served as a hot starter, but can also be eaten on its own.

Choucroute garnie or simply “choucroute” is once again the result of German influence. This dish is made from finely cut and fermented cabbage served with Strasbourg, Morteau or even Frankfurter sausages and smoked pork and potatoes. 

Alsace-Lorraine also offers a great variety of desserts. Kougelhopf is a speciality of Alsace but also Germany and Austria. This cake, recognisable by its unique ring shape, is made from dough with raisins and almonds. You can find it in a special fish shape for Easter and in a heart for Valentine’s Day. Another speciality of Alsace-Lorraine is the Madeleine, a small sponge cake that goes perfectly with tea or coffee and finally the Rum Baba, a dessert consisting of a cake saturated with rum. Once again the Rum Baba emphasises the mix of cultures in this region as it’s a derivative of a traditional Polish cake called the Babka.

The plum is the pride of Lorraine, especially the locally grown yellow plum, the Mirabelle. This type of plum is used in many local desserts, the most famous being Mirabelle pie and it’s also used in brandies with Mirabelle eau-de-vie.  

Of course, Alsace-Lorraine has its cheeses, the most famous being Munster. Munster comes from an Irish abbey founded in Alsace-Lorraine in the 7th century and is a strong creamy cheese that you will either love or hate!

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