Alsace-Lorraine Geography

Alsace-Lorraine (especially Lorraine) is a region which succeeds in combining urbanism and big cities such as Strasbourg, Metz and Nancy, with a total respect of nature. Alsace-Lorraine has three different regional natural parks, including the Vosges, plains and wetlands.

Pierre Percée is the second biggest artificial lake in Lorraine and offers 21 miles of coastal paths amongst the trees. There you can also bathe in the thermal baths or enjoy the aquatic activities at Madine Lake, a watersports centre in the middle of the hills, mid-distance between Metz and Nancy. The whole region is crossed by rivers such as the Rhin, the Meuse, the Ill and, the Moselle.

The Vosges mountain range is a must-see in Alsace Lorraine. Its highest point is at 1424 meters. These mountains are home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, from lynx and wolves to chamois, a type of mountain goat!  You will also find a large range of orchids with more than 25 different species. From the top of the hills you will be able to admire the amazing panoramic views.

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