Alsace-Lorraine Places

Strasbourg is one of the biggest cities in the region, and one of the EU capitals. It is a city of culture with several different museums including the Musée des Beaux Arts, the Art-Deco Museum and the Modern and Contemporary Museum. Here you will also find the Cathedral of our Lady of Strasbourg. This Roman cathedral is the second highest in France, after Rouen cathedral. At 142 meters high, it dominates not just Strasbourg but also the skylines of the surrounding area. Come and admire the pink sandstone the cathedral is made of, and the pretty rose window on its frontage. 

Strasbourg is strongly influenced by German culture – here you will find a German district and you can cross the border any time by the impressive Mimram footbridge.

Petite France is a beautiful district easily identifiable by its half-timbered buildings and crossed by several channels making it a lovely place to wander. This quarter of Strasbourg is home to a large number of little restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Alsatian dishes such as Flammekueche or Choucroute.

Nancy is a major city in Lorraine known for its beautiful Stanislas Square. This square is a UNESCO World Heritage site and nearby you can find many of Nancy’s famous buildings such as the Beaux Arts Museum, the Héré Arch, and of course the statue of Stanislas Leszczynski, the former Duke of Lorraine and King of Poland.

Sélestat is located in the centre of the popular Route des Vins. From here, why not hire a bike and visit the vineyards and smaller villages nearby? Enjoy the architecture of the town and its two churches. Scélestat was one of the centres of the Humanist Renaissance and has strong heritage of this period thanks to the Humanist Library founded in the 15th century.

Barr, a town with 6,000 inhabitants, is a major tourist area of Alsace. It is the perfect city to wander with its cobbled streets during either the mid-July wine festival or throughout the year when the town is quieter and the streets easier to walk in. Enjoy wandering in the sun through Barr, through its window-boxes filled with geraniums.

Colmar is a beautiful picturesque city in the south of Alsace. It’s renowned for its architecture and the famous quarter, Little Venice. This quarter is a crossed by a small canal which weaves through the half-timbered and colourful houses. Colmar is a city of culture and here you will find many symbolic buildings such as the House of Heads and Pfister House.

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