Brittany Cuisine

Traditional Breton crepe, a sweet pancake topped with cream

Brittany is famous for wheat flour crepes, delicate pancakes with wonderful fillings such as Plougastel strawberries in Kirsh, salted butter caramel or even homemade jam, perfect for a good dessert.

And of course, those can be eaten as a stand-by meal as well - buckwheat flour crepes are common, and eaten with more 'salty' fillings. A combination of ham, cheese, eggs, mushrooms and pickled onions - aptly named 'complete crepe' - is a 'must-eat' and one of the most popular crepes you can get in any given creperie.

All of this wouldn't be complete without cider. The traditional drink to accompany crepes, and drank out of a little bowl, cider is an extremely popular drink, and Brittany is one of the main producers of it in France.

Another of Brittany's most popular regional meals is far. Meaning literally 'wheat' in Breton, this simple dessert is actually made of eggs, milk, sugar and flour left to bake for a long while in the oven. The most popular version of far includes prunes, although it is traditionally eaten on its own.

Other popular desserts are kouign-amann or the quatre-quarts. Kouign-amann, meaning 'butter cake', is an extremely sweet dessert, made almost entirely of sugar and butter, and is so popular that it can even be found in some places outside of Brittany. Meanwhile, quatre-quarts, or 'four quarters', are slightly kinder on the diet, and are made of flour, butter, sugar and eggs in equal quantities, hence the name. Both are delicious, traditional Breton cakes, and must be tried at least once when visiting the region.

Brittany’s rich fishing grounds ensure gourmet seafood, from ‘coquilles St-Jaques’ made with finest Erquy scallops to ‘cotriade’ (fish stew). Brittany is not a wine producer so dry white Muscadet or Gros Plant from around neighbouring Nantes is often served with seafood.

Finistere supplies early vegetables such as artichokes, and local salted butter is used lavishly.

Steamed or grilled chestnuts eaten with salted butter are a delight for autumn visitors. They can be found anywhere, in any given city - just look for vendors in their little carts around town. Truly, a simple delicacy to warm up during those cold autumn or winter days.

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