Burgundy Cuisine and Wine

Burgundy food and wine, France

Rich, best sums up the sumptuous Burgundy cuisine which makes liberal use of the region’s famous red wines and equally famous beef from tender lean Charolais cattle.

Wines and Wine Sauce

Many dishes are served ‘a la bourguignone’ which indicates a red wine sauce of shallots, mushrooms and butter, most famously ‘boeuf bourguignon’ and ‘coq au vin’ - chicken in red wine.

The range of quality wines from the great Burgundy vineyards is enormous, from delicate, dry white Chablis to the reds and whites of the Cotes-de-Nuits and Cotes-de-Beaune such as Chambertin and AOC Pommard.

Meat Dishes

Burgundy also boasts the biggest snails (escargots) in France - raised on vine leaves to make them extra tasty. Enjoy river fish poached in white wine with onions, butter and garlic, delicious smoked Morvan ham tasting of the rugged countryside, soft creamy Toucy goats cheese and Yonne cherries.

Dijon mustard is world famous and perhaps Sens macaroons - exquisitely light dry cakes made with almond paste - ought to be.

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