Cher Cuisine and Wine


Cher is a department which has a long history with vineyards and fishing – and as such, fish and wine find themselves more often than not on the tables of the local inhabitants. Local cuisine is simple and yet delicious, but with a touch of wine, an ordinary meals becomes special

Some traditional meals include coq en barbouille, chicken served with wine, or poached eggs, again, served with wine. Wine can also be served with some of the locally produced cheese, such as Valencay or Pouligny-Saint-Pierre.

As for desserts, they are for the most part made with local fruits – apple, pears, cherries, served in pies, cobblers, or with pancakes. And for those with a sweet tooth, Cher is also well known for its candies including forestine, the first ‘crunchy soft’ candy in history, with its first confectioners still in Bourges; Nancay and Charost biscuits - and of course Monin syrup.

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