Cotes d'Armor Cuisine and Wine

Cider tasting, Cotes d Armor, Brittany, France

Brittany’s signature delicate crepes (pancakes), savoury gallettes and bowls of cider are all plentifully on offer in the cafes and restaurants of Cotes d’Armor.

But try Gavottes de Dinan for something more local - a small rolled pancake-like crisp biscuit in flavours from lemon to chocolate eaten with desserts or coffee.

A cake specific to Cotes d’Armor is kouing (Breton for Cake) amann (Breton for butter) or Breton butter yeast cake - not for those on a diet!

In Cotes d’Armor in particular, Brittany’s rich fishing grounds ensure gourmet seafood from the wonderful sweet flavour of ‘coquilles St-Jacques’ made with finest Erquy scallops (the department is France’s largest producer) to ‘cotriade’ (fish stew made with potatoes, onions, garlic and butter). Many recipes also use coco de Paimpol - a local type of haricot bean.

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