Creuse Cuisine and Wine

Clafoutis Creuse Limousin France The cuisine of Creuse is based on the simple country fare found throughout Limousin; fresh fish from the region’s lakes and rivers and good, finely marbled beef from red-brown Limousin cattle.

Autumn fruits of chestnuts and mushrooms feature in many recipes and potato pie - pate de pommes de terre Limousin - is a popular dish. The latter was traditionally made with leftover bread dough, flavoured with garlic and fatty bacon, and cooked in the same bread oven.

‘Potee limousin’ is a warming stew made with salt pork and vegetables, including onions, carrots and potatoes and you’ll find plenty of restaurants serving the region’s most famous dessert of ‘clafoutis’ - a sort of toad in the hole made with cherries baked in batter.

Local fruit such as cherries and apples are available in season, and cider made with Limousin apples is delicious. Delicious too are the Creuse specialities of rabbit cooked in cider and ‘noisettines d’Aubusson’ - light cakes flavoured with hazelnuts.

With so many food based festivals throughout the year in Creuse, there’s sure to be one to coincide with your visit. Look for the Cheese Fair in Maisonnisses on the third Sunday in April; Ajain Festival of local cured ham in May; Produce and Cheese Fair mid July in Aubusson; Cider Festival in Nouziers at the beginning of August; the last Sunday in September heralds the Mushroom Fair at La Villeneuve and Sainte-Feyre holds an Apple Fete at the beginning of November.

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