Deux Sevres Cuisine and Wine

Charentais melons

Fish and shellfish are plentiful in this watery landscape in the form of oysters and mussels from the coast and fricassee of eels from the Marais.

Snails (lumas) in red wine are popular and red onions from Niort, while the white Mojette beans first grown by the medieval monks who reclaimed the Marais are much used local ingredients.

Those who enjoy their meat, can chose from kid with green garlic, leg of mutton, local ham cured with salt and cognac and tender Parthenais beef - well known for its quality and flavour.

There’s no shortage of regional wines to enjoy with your meals whether you prefer red, white or rose and the appellations of Anjou and Saumur also apply to the vineyards of northern Deux Sevres. Around Thouars, these are similar to the Anjou wines while the Saumur wines are more like those of the Loire Valley.

The angelica plant loves marshy ground and was originally cultivated by monks for use in liqueurs. An angelica sorbet is a non-alcoholic option to round off your meal or some of the famous crystalised Angelique of Niort.

If you enjoy goat’s cheese you’ll love the cuisine of Deux Sevres. As one of France’s top producers, a variety of shapes and sizes appear on menus everywhere. Try tourteau fromager - a local black-crusted goat’s cheese cake. Chabichou du Poitou is probably Deux Sevres’s most famous cheese. It has AOC status and goat farms along the Route de Chabichou welcome visitors.

For a simple snack, what could be nicer than a slice of sweet Charentaise melon ripened in the Poitou-Charente sunshine.

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