Dordogne Cuisine and Wine

Foie gras sign, Perigord, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France

Goose and Duck

Much of Dordogne cuisine is meat based with goose and duck appearing in many gourmet dishes and goose fat used for cooking. Fillet of duck-breast ‘magret de canard’ is a popular choice in restaurants whilst the famous ‘demoiselle’ is a whole goose or duck grilled over a wood fire.

Foie Gras and Truffles

Perigord’s 2 luxury specialities are foie gras and truffles.

Foie gras - goose or duck liver pate - though delicious, is not everyone’s choice involving force feeding with quantities of maize. However producers are careful not to distress their birds as this spoils the liver. Dordogne’s famous sweet white Monbazillac wine is considered an ideal accompaniment. It also goes well with fine desserts.

With their exquisite aroma, truffles are also perfect with foie gras (confits d’oie truffes) and can often be found in sauces and omelettes - even with strawberries. Find out more about the fascinating process of hunting these rare edible underground fungi with trained dogs and pigs at the truffle museum in Sorges which also has nature trails.

Other Specialities

Stuffed ceps - wild mushrooms - make a tasty vegetarian option and there are many excellent dishes using local carp and trout. Mouth-watering fruit tarts such as cherry or ‘pastis’ made with apple and armagnac make great desserts and don’t forget Chabichou or Rocamadour goat’s cheeses. Perigord walnuts have a great reputation. Try them in cordials known as Brou, Ratafia or Eau-de-Noix and take a bottle of wonderful nut oil home to drizzle on your salad - an inexpensive way to remind you of happy days in the Dordogne

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