Haute-Garonne Culture and Events

Violet Festival, Toulouse

First weekend February, annual

The floral emblem of Toulouse has been grown by market gardeners since the nineteenth century. Violet growers sell flowers, sweets, perfume, liqueurs etc in a great open-air market. Festival takes place in place du Capitole. Tourist Office, tel: (00 33) 5 61 11 02 22

Festival de la Cocagne, St-Felix-Lauragais

Easter weekend, annual

Fete de la Cocagne with local produce, history, traditions and crafts. Different theme each year. Attracts 10,000 people. Contact St-Felix Tourist Office, tel: (00 33) 8 92 18 01 80. 

Fete du Papogay, Rieux-Volvestre

First Sunday in May

Archery competition. Locals shoot at a wooden bird on a pole. Winner is King of Rieux for a year. Tourist Office, tel: (00 33) 5 61 87 63 33

Summer Music Festival, Toulouse

July - August, annual.

Lots of variety with both international and local musicians. Tel: (00 33) 5 61 11 02 22. www.toulouse-tourisme.com

Garlic Festival, Cadours

Last weekend in August, annual

The micro-climate here is favourable to this unique violet coloured garlic. Models of windmills, chateaux etc made of garlic, garlic soup and more. Cadour Syndicate d’Initiative, tel : (00 33) 5 62 13 74 00

Rio Loco Festival, Toulouse, Haute Garonne

14 - 17 June 2018

This popular festival is based on the theme of a country or region of the world. Outdoor concerts, performances for young audiences, the midnight movie, visual arts, gastronomy and a craft park along the banks of the river Garonne. This year the festival will express the creativity of the cultures of the Islands of the Indian Ocean. Low cost fee of 7 euros per day admission.

International Folklore Festival, Montrejeau, Haute-Garonne

15 - 18 August 2018

Takes place at various times and is free. This festival holds a series of concerts, parades and evenings of entertainment from traditional folk groups from all over the world. If you would like more information visit the website http://festivalmontrejeau.jimdo.com/

Please check precise details and dates with event organisers before making your holiday and travel arrangements.

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