Indre Cuisine and Wine

Indre has a long tradition of hunting and fishing so game and fresh water fish feature on most menus. The people of ancient Berry delight in the fruits of their countryside, collecting mushrooms in autumn and fruits like apples and cherries from their orchards for delicious Berrichon pastries and pies.

Argenton is known for its snails and pike comes from the Brenne. Chicken en barbouille is a bit like coq au vin but cooked in brandy with blood added to the sauce to give it colour. Look for ferme auberges and country restaurants to sample charcuterie such as the black pudding sausages of La Chatre and cherry clafoutis - a rustic dessert made traditionally from unpitted cherries to give an almond flavour and cooked in a batter.

The pyramid-shaped goats cheese of Valencay has AOC status making it the ideal accompaniment to Valencay’s red, white and rose wines which received AOC status in 2004. Food lovers should make a point of visiting Argenton’s annual gastronomy festival in May.

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