Landes Culture and Events

Weekly Market, Dax

Visit Dax on Saturday mornings for the open-air market selling farm produce, vegetables, fruit, flowers and the covered market selling meat and poultry. On the first Thursday of the month, head to the market hall for local second-hand items for sale

Courses Landaises – Bull Jumping

Actually a gentler form of bull fighting - a participation sport where brave members of the audience can join in vaulting the backs and horns of cows rather than bulls. The aim is to dodge the animal, not kill it. Points are awarded not only to the ‘sauteurs’ (jumpers) and ‘ecarteurs’ (swervers) but also to the ‘coursiere’ (semi-wild cow). Events take place at Mont-de-Marsan, Mimizan, Dax, Parentis and Sainte Eulalie and details can be obtained from the Course Landaise Federation. Almost every village fete has its own version of the sport which usually makes for great entertainment - often as part of a week of festivities. Find details at local tourist offices.

Fetes and Costumes

People in SW Landes are known for their festivals - called ‘heste’ locally. Most organisers and many participants at fetes, especially the ‘courses landaises’ wear a local costume of white with a strongly contrasting red coloured scarf, sash or beret. These outfits can usually be purchased at large supermarkets for about €15 - €20. 

Feria, Dax

11 - 15 August 2018

Dax’s feria is the local annual festival which includes the releasing of bulls onto the streets.

Notre-Dame Sainte-Marie Cathedral, Dax

This cathedral was finished at the end of the 19th century, built in a classical neo-grec style. It stands on the site of the 13th century gothic cathedral and the portail of this has been preserved. A beautiful site to visit whilst being in Landes.

Please check precise details and dates with event organisers before making your holiday and travel arrangements.

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