Meuse Travel Guide


The Meuse department of Alsace-Lorraine, is a place full of history dating back as far as the Middle-Ages to the more recent World Wars. This department combines unspoilt nature with fabulous cities and offers the perfect surroundings for a holiday full of cultures and discoveries.

Located roughly mid-distance between Paris and Strasbourg, the department of Meuse gets its name from the 950 kilometre river that flows through it and is a place of strong history and traditions.

Meuse was the scene of one of the most terrible battles of WWI, the Battle of Verdun. Heritage of the 1914-1918 war is everywhere here, and you will find many historical sites that will be enjoyed by everyone from complete novices to those passionate about history.

The department has successfully preserved its local nature and promotes green tourism. Hiking, horse riding or cycling are great ways to discover Meuse, passing through the Argonne forest, along the banks of the Meuse River, or in the natural parks of Lorraine.

Meuse is the perfect place for foodies, with a lots of its local specialities having a place on every French wedding, baptism, and communion are two sweet specialities from Meuse. Meuse provides many savoury specialities too, for example delicious truffles and snails.

Discover the different cities of Meuse with their medieval and Renaissance heritage. The Montmedy citadel and the city of Bar-le-Duc are great testimonies of these times and along with the more recent World Wars, are a key part of Meuse's history. From Joan of Arc to the Great War, Meuse has always been a place where history is made, and offers today one of the best places in the country to discover the history of France.




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