Meuse Activities and Things To Do On Holiday


Argonne is an area of the department covered by a large forest, where beautiful and diverse flora and fauna exist. In this peaceful area, horse riding and biking are really popular as quiet Argonne makes for easy-riding. Whilst exploring this lovely part of France, look out for signs of the wildlife around you, the prints of a rabbit or the roar of a stag. 


A large number of rivers run through Meuse and therefore provide ideal fishing conditions. Fishing is really popular here with fly fishing being the most common type. A variety of fishing clubs in the area offer lessons for both beginners and seasoned fisherman. Visit the banks of the Meuse, the Aire, the Orne or the Aisne and enjoy fishing for pike, siluridae and carp. 


If you want to discover the Meuse and other smaller rivers in a different way, why not go directly on the river? Enjoy the fresh air on a riverboat during a cruise along the Meuse or rent a license-free boat and simply go with the flow. All along the rivers there are plenty of leisure complexes where you can try canoeing or even water-skiing! 


Discovering an area isn't just about discovering the landscape and cities at the surface, but also exploring the world beneath your feet. Caving clubs in the area will give you and your family the opportunity to visit the Meuse on the surface and also to go underground and explore the caves, observe the nature and study the geology and natural phenomena.

Cuisine and tourism

A lot of Meuse craftsmen offer visits to their workshop, in particular the producers of local specialities such as beer! Many micro-breweries allow visitors one day per week. Here you will be able to discover the French savoir-faire and Meuse beer tradition. These visits are also available in the local factories that produce dragées and redcurrant jam. Through these visits you'll learn about production processes, some of which are 800 years old, and most importantly enjoy a tasting of the different products!  





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