Meuse Cuisine and Wine


The cusine of Meuse is characterised by its diversity. However it's clear to see that the food in Meuse is perfect for those with a sweet tooth! Created in 1220, the Dragées du Verdun have become over the years a must-have at most French family events. These colourful sugared almonds are the oldest sweets in France. Throughout their history, dragée have been enjoyed by commoners but they have also had some more prestigious customers such as King Edouard VII, Napoleon I and Charles de Gaulle to name but a few! This simple sweet is a classic of French gastronomy and the Braquier Artisanal Factory is a must visit to discover how these famous sweets are made.

To continue with the theme of sweetness, why not try French caviar? French caviar is not how it sounds and is actually a simple redcurrant jam! However it is no ordinary jam, with every redcurrant being deseeded by hand with a goose feather. It takes approximately 3 hours to prepare 2.2 pounds of redcurrants and as a result, the jam avoids the bitterness of the seeds and becomes a concentrate of sweetness. 

Meuse is also the birthplace of the famous Madeleine sponge cake. The little cake, recognisable by its unique shape, became popular back in the 18th century during the court of Stanislas, Comté of Lorraine and King of Poland. These little cakes go perfectly with tea, as described in In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust and are enjoyed both by adults and children alike, especially when they are coated in chocolate! 

Meuse also has some savoury specialities and you will find several truffle farms here, along with a surprising number of snail farms!

Beer productions has become tradition in Meuse. The number of breweries noticeably dropped in the second half of the 20th century, however since the beginning of the 21st century a number of micro-breweries have opened and beer farms have appeared, most of which can be visited during your holiday.



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