Meuse Geography and Natural Beauty


The Meuse River

This river, of approximately 950km long, starts in the town of Pouilly on the Plateau de Langres in France. The Meuse crosses 3 countries, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, before ending in the North Sea. The vast majority of this river can be navigated by boats and consequently the Meuse is considered to be one of the most important waterways in Western Europe. In the countryside along the banks of the river, you can enjoy walking near the picturesque vineyards of Meuse. Take some time to follow the smooth slopes of the department and admire the contrasting landscapes of the vineyards and forests. 

The Meuse River is only one river among numerous water systems that run through the department. The area is crossed by several rivers such as the Orne, the Vaise and the Aisne - all worth a visit during your trip to Meuse!

The Cuestas

The Cuestas, also called Cote de Meuse, are a group of unique landscapes in western Meuse. The hills are made up of agricultural land, particularly plum trees for the production of the famous Alsatian mirabelles. In addition to this, a wide variety of cereals are grown in the The Cuestas and its vineyards are renowned for producing some of the best wine in France. 

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