Nord Pas De Calais Culture and Events

Parade of Giants, Arras

July & August 2018 dates TBC

Arras’s giants Colas, Jacqueline and Dede are paraded through the streets and the event is rounded off with evening fireworks. The giants are brought out again in late August as part of the festivities celebrating the end of Spanish occupation in the seventeenth century. Between festivals, you can view the giants in the townhall.

International Kite Festival, Berck-sur-Mer

7 - 15 April 2018

Berck-sur-Mer hosts Europe's biggest kite festival, bringing together kite-flyers from China, Australia, America and Europe. Visitors can admire the craziest kites, from flying fish to imaginary monsters, take kite-flying classes and try out the latest models. Free to watch.

Annual Carnival, Dunkirk

January - March 2018

Historic event based on fishermen’s farewell before sailing to Icelandic waters. Spectacular street procession with giant Reuze Papa, fancy dress and herring throwing! Series of  carnival balls and much more.

lille3000, Lille

2018 dates TBC

Aiming to create a window to discover the world and to promote arts and technology, lille3000 is an event that pursuits and deepens one's understanding of the world we live in. Countless artists from all over the world are invited, and question the dynamism of life in the XXIst century, find new ways to understand culture, life in the city, and what the future holds.

This year's event is named "Renaissance", after the actual XVIth century Renaissance. As was the case 5 centuries ago, the 2000s are deeply marked by an artistic and intellectual renewal, and lille3000 aims to capture and exhibit that, through shows, exhibitions, street art, festivals, food, events and debates, taking place over nearly 4 months.

Transphotographiques Festival, Lille

1 June 2018

Lille's annual Transphotographiques Festival, held at the Maison de la Photographie, is a major exhibition dedicated to contemporary photography.

Scarecrow Festival, Moringhem

April 2018

One day in 1989, the inhabitants of Moringhem woke up to see the streets of their village invaded with scarecrows (known as épeutnaerts in the local dialect). Thanks to their mayor, this fearsome display has now become an annual event.

Prix Diane Logines Horse Race, Chantilly

17 June 2018

The famous Prix Diane was first established in 1843. It is a flat horse race in France open to three year old thoroughbred fillies and takes place over a distance of 2,100 metres (one miles) each June in Chantilly.

Please check precise details and dates with event organisers before making your holiday and travel arrangements.


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