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Map of Normandy, France

Our Normandy Holiday Travel Guide highlights the region’s attractions and activities plus provides information on Normandy cuisine and details regional events.

Discover Normandy, a region refreshingly different yet virtually on your doorstep. In just over 2 hours by high-speed ferry, you can be steeped in the history of D-day, William the Conqueror and the Bayeux Tapestry.

Normandy’s 400 mile coastline has long been a favourite with British visitors, from the cosmopolitan resort of Deauville, to the magnificent gothic abbey of Mont St Michel to the delightful port of Honfleur.

The university city of Caen is a must-see with its twin abbeys, thought-provoking Memorial de Caen and excellent cosmopolitan shopping centre.

Rouen too offers excellent shops and restaurants. Whilst there, take in the Cathedral, Ceramics and Fine Arts Museums and the site of Joan of Arc’s execution – she was burned at the stake in the market place.

Brittany Ferries’ arrival port of Cherbourg also has an attractive shopping centre and no visit is complete without stopping off at the ‘Cite de la Mer’ Aquarium which includes a self-guided tour of the de-commissioned nucleur submarine Redoutable.

Inland is a landscape patterned with grand chateaux, half-timbered houses and lush green countryside alive with colourful festivals, fireworks and parades in the summer.

Suisse Normande otherwise known as Swiss Normandy or Little Normandy is popular with outdoor pursuits enthusiasts. Its rocky crags and deep river gorges are very scenic and ideal for kayaking, climbing, mountain biking and walking.

Artists and gardeners will find inspiration in Monet’s stunning garden at Giverny where you can pose for photos on the celebrated Japanese bridge.

There are 5 departments in the Normandy region:

·  Calvados

·  Eure

·  Manche

·  Orne

· Seine Maritime

Click here to view a video by Normandy Tourist Board. 

For further travel information about holiday destinations, Normandy Regional Tourist Board can be contacted at:

Normandy Regional Tourist Board

4, rue Charles Corbeau

27000 Evreux

Tel: (00 33) 232 33 79 00

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