Rhone Alps Cuisine

Beaujolais Vineyard, Rhone Alps, France

Wonderful delicatessen food, particularly in Lyon, France’s gastronomic capital, prestigious wines and fondue savoyarde, are among the delights to be enjoyed in Rhone Alps.

This region is also renowned for its cheeses – for example, reblochon, St-Felicien and St-Marcellin (a small, disc-shaped cheese with a golden surface and white interior made in the the Chartreuse area) plus blue cheeses, such as bleu du Vercors and creamy bleu de Bresse.

Try cuisses de grenouilles sautees (fried frog legs) and, of course, accompany your food with some of the region’s fine wines and liqueurs, such as pear brandy and chartreuse, used extensively in desserts and cocktails too.

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