Sarthe Cuisine and Wine

Sarthe is known for some of the country’s best breeds of poultry, and duck and chicken dishes are excellent. A co-operative of small farmers known as Les Fermiers de Loue got together in the late 1950s to reject modern industrialised methods and concentrated on producing high quality free-range birds - particularly chickens. 
Today, the Loue brand has grown and is known throughout France. La Fleche gives its name to a rare glossy black free-ranging breed which produces wonderful large white eggs. 
Rivers are a source of first-rate fish including pike and many fish dishes come in a delightful sauce made from white wine, shallots and butter known as ‘beurre blanc’. Sarthe pork has a great reputation, especially the renowned rillettes du Mans (fluffy pork pate) best eaten as a starter with crusty bread. Try this potted speciality in its birthplace. 
Le Mans’ Place de la Republic has a good choice of lively cafes and restaurants. Fresh, light Jasnière wines and the Loir Coteaux are choice bottles to accompany a meal. 
Petit Sable biscuits made with fresh butter were created in Sable-sur-Sarthe and are just the thing to take home to share with friends on a coffee break. 
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