Western Loire Cuisine and Wine

Cremet d'Anjou, dessert with strawberries, Western Loire, France

Traditionally, Western Loire is known for its seafood, fruits and vegetables. 70% of France’s mushroom crop comes from here, and Saumur and Noirmoutier are famous for their potatoes.

Meat Dishes

Fish from the River Loire and the Atlantic is plentiful; try succulent oysters or eels. Many fish dishes come in ‘beurre blanc’, a delightful sauce made from white wine, shallots and butter.

Try the Le Man’s speciality of ‘rillettes’ potted pork, and canard (duck) a l’orange using Cointreau liqueur from Angers.

Snacks & Wines

Wine lovers will find plenty to choose from amongst the red, white and fruity roses of Anjou and Saumur or the dry white Muscadet from around Nantes.

Brioche Vendeene makes a tasty snack or forget the calories and indulge in ‘Cremet d’Anjou’ - made with eggs, crème fraiche, icing sugar and vanilla - with a fresh fruit topping.

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