Western Loire Geography and Natural Beauty

Grande Briere National Park, Loire Atlantique, Western Loire, France

Parc Naturel Regional de Briere

Walk, cycle, or even travel by canoe around the second largest marsh in France after the Camargue.

The wet meadows and reedy marshes are a safe haven for many rare species of animals, plants and  birds - such as merlins in winter and red kites in summer.

Visitors should look for the typical thatched roofed houses in Brieron villages.

The watery landscape is seen best from the many walking and cycling routes, or take a trip in a traditional flat-bottomed barge from Saint-Andre-des-Eaux or Saint-Lyphard.

Parc Naturel Regional de Normandie et Maine

This huge 235,000 hectare park straddles the Normandy and Western Loire borders and is a region of ancient forests - the home of boar and deer - and a diverse landscape of moorland, forest, rivers and streams.

The ideal area for outdoor activities; mountain biking is popular on the range of hills known as the Alpes Mancell.

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