Poitou Charentes Wine Tasting

Poitou Charentes is Cognac country. Although there are numerous vineyards in the region, the vast majority of grapes grown in Poitou Charentes are used in the production of Cognac, the finest of spirits. Famous producers found in Poitou Charentes include Martell, Otard and Hennessy with the region being in the forefront of Cognac production since the fifteenth century. The majority of production is based around Saintes, Jarnac and of course Cognac itself - you will find it hard not to sample some Cognac and will be tempted to bring at least one bottle home. This is not to say that wine lovers are in for a dry time - Vin de Haut for example makes for very pleasing red, white and rose wines, ideal for a lazy lunch or al fresco dining at your holiday rental. Plus there is another little treat - Pineau des Charentes. Some 200 years ago, one of the region's wine-makers accidently mixed grape juice with Eau de Vie used in Cognac production - the result, Pineau des Charentes!

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